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At Formalytics our mission is to help grass roots footballers to get better faster by measuring, benchmarking and improving the foundational skills required to be successful in the game.

Our products enable anyone with a mobile phone to test their skills by leveraging our artificial intelligence, computer vision and augmented reality platform through our app interfaces.

After successful pilot trials with some of the world’s largest football leagues (UEFA and Major League Soccer) we are now developing the real-life Player Card. If you played EA Sports FIFA growing up, you will know what we mean!

Our first mobile skills measurement app myKicks reached the #1 position on the UK App Store (Sports) during the Men's 2018 World Cup. myKicks has now accumulated over 500,000 penalty kicks and is now possibly the world's largest database of kicks ever recorded.

Do you own a mobile phone?

Do you want to benchmark your core skills against your peers and others from around the world?

Do you want advice on where to focus your supplemental training to get better faster?

Yes to all this? Us too.


Want to join the Formalytics family?

We are actively growing our team with world leading engineering and product development talent, and would love to see what you can bring to the field!

Applications with cover note to:

myKicks iOS App Our first product helps football players improve their kicking speed and accuracy by using our artificial intelligence app technology to turn any ball into a smart ball.

Formalytics first product, myKicks, targets the football (soccer) market. The app launched in June 2018 and quickly climbed to the #1 most downloaded sporting app on the UK iOS App Store.

myKicks has been featured by online football celebrities Miniminter and ChrisMD, and to-date nearly half-a-million kicks have been recorded on the app by football fans worldwide.

Team Formalytics Diverse + driven to succeed.

Formalytics was founded in 2016 by Andrew Hall (a venture partner and director of the Founder Institute), and David Budden (a former MIT postdoc and AI researcher at DeepMind).

Formalytics has grown to a team of 10 engineering and product specialists with diverse backgrounds in academia, mobile game development and venture capital with offices in Perth, San Francisco and London.


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